The duration of the report – no more than 15 minutes.

File of the report must be in the format .DOC.

Rules of the report registration:

1. The recommended amount is 6 to 8 typewritten pages.

2. The report is provided as follows:

- paper size – A4;

- page orientation – portrait;

editor Microsoft Office Word, font “Times New Roman”;

- main text (content) – font size: 15, spacing 1.5.

- margins: top – 2,5 cm; bottom – 1,5 cm; left – 2 cm, right – 2 cm;

- indent (paragraph) – 1.25 cm

All the tables and figures should be numbered, they are certainly the articles should be instructions in the text (see table. or Fig.); the use of scanned and color images is not allowed;

the use of scanned and colour images is not allowed;

3. The structure of the text:

- UDC (bold; on the first line, in the left corner) (15 PT);

- surname, author's initials (lowercase, bold, italic, align right) in Russian and English languages (point 15);

- about the author: doctor of economic Sciences, Professor; candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, senior lecturer, assistant Professor (italics; align right; in Russian and English);(size 13)

- name of University, city;

- article title (capital letters, bold, centered, one line after the information about the author) in Russian and English (font size 15);

- abstract (3-5 lines) and keywords (4 or 5) Russian language (font size 13);

- abstract (3-5 lines) and key words (4 - 5) English (size 13);

-main text in one line after the keywords, justified alignment. The selection of paragraphs – tab.; (size 15);

- literature (source) (font size 13);

4. The design of reference:

- references in the article must be printed in brackets after the quotation, (the first number of a source, and then, after a comma, page number);

- references to several sources indicating the pages are separated by semicolons.

5. The page number is in the middle at the top, size 15 PT.

6. The text of the report should be checked for absence of plagiary. Permitted to publish the reports of the originality of the text is no less than 80%.