About forum

About Forum

In 2012 due to the State Duma initiative supported by the states' parliaments and the members EEC and CIS  the Forum was organized in St. Petersburg called International Forum "Eurasian Economic Perspective".

The goal of the Congress is the development of the parliament and political directions of the cooperation of the states in the format of the Eurasian integration.

Then in 2012 due to the State Duma initiative St. Petersburg State Economic University became responsible for the Forum organization including scientific assistance of the International Forum "Eurasian Economic Perspective".

The general results are the following: six successfully organized forum in St. Petersburg and five meetings in Astana, Bishkek, Erevan, Kazan and Minsk.

The program of the Forum presupposes the Plenary Session and five Round Tables. The Plenary Session includes the Chief Managers' reports and the leading economic universities rectors' as well. The Round Tables are devoted to economic, law issues and the project "Grand Eurasia", humanitarian cooperation and young scientists, indeed. The issues discussed are concerning the aspects of Eurasian Economic Integration.