"Tavricheskaya Perspective" in the basic chair of Saint-Petersburg State Economic University

In the Interparliamentary Assembly of Independent States Union the VI International conference "Tavricheskaya Perspective" was devoted to "25 Years of  Interparliamentary Assembly of Independent States Union: update Issues and Perspectives of Eurasion Integration".

This conference is notably to have become the first important event on the basis of the chair of International Relations, Medialogy, Politology and History in the Saint-Petersburg State Economic University on the ground of which the Chair of Eurasian Integration has been formed in the end of January this year. The contract was signed together by the rector of the University – Igor Maksimtsev – and by the General Secretary  - the Head of the Secretariat Union – Alexey Sergeev.

In a welcoming speech Alexey Sergeev has noted that the foundation of the basic chair – the Chair of the Eurasian Integration – is the acute sample of collaboration which is undoubtedly to be continued.

The report by the Deputy Secretary General of the IPA CIS Council of the Republic Belarus – Victor Kogut – the Head of the Basic Eurasian Integration Chair was devoted to current issues of Eurasian space, the role of Parliament Institutes of Independent States Union, perspectives of Eurasian Integration.

While discussing these topics , Pyotr Ryabukhin – the Deputy Secretary General of the Interparliamentary Assembly Council of the Independent States Union has developed the issues. Pyotr Ryabukhin has also paid attention the priority of the political factors in the economic activity and partnership of the Independent States Union.

There also were the reports of the following respectable people:

  • the Head of Saint-Petersburg State University of the Fire fighting service – Eduard Chizhikov;
  • the first vice-President of the Academy of the Geopolitical Issues- Igor Kefely;
  • the Deputy Secretary General of the Interparliamentary Assembly Council of the Independent States Union, the Plenipotentiary representative of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Khalel Bakenov and the others.

The conference was attended by undergraduate and graduate students of urban universities, including the Department of international relations, media studies, political science and history, St. Petersburg state economic University, clearly met with acute practical directions and forms of work of one of the most important political institutions of the Commonwealth of independent States (then CIS).