Forum Participants solve the questions of the hotel rooms reserving by themselves. The Forum Organization Committee offer the following hotels on the privileged terms – "Ambassador" and "Grand Hotel Europe".

"Ambassador" Hotel is located in the centre of the city – Saint-Petersburg – near the Isaac and Nikolskiy Cathedrals, world famous Mariinskiy Theatre and Yusupovskiy Park.

If choosing this Hotel, be so kind to fulfill the reserving form in Russian or English and send the data by e-mail.

Location: 5-7, Rimsky-Korsakov av., St.Petersburg, 190068, Russia.

Hotel site:

Hotel "Tavricheskaya" is located in the historical and business centre of St. Petersburg. It is situated next to Smolniy Cathedral, Kikin's Chambers, the St. Petersburg Authority and Leningrad Region Government, a five minute walk of Tavricheskiy Palace and Tavricheskiy garden.

If you choose this hotel, please fill in the booking form in Russian or English and send on indicated address below in the questionnaire.

Location: 53, Shpalernaya str., St.Petersburg, 193124, Russia

The hotel's website: