About Forum

April 11, 2013 in Saint-Petersburg the international forum "Eurasian economic perspective" has started up, organized at the joint initiative of the parliaments of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and supported by the parliamentarians of CIS countries. The venue for the first joint meeting of the Forum was St. Petersburg state economic University is the parent organization of economic universities, Eurasian Association of universities. June 12, 2013 discussion on topical issues of Eurasian economic integration, the Forum was continued in the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

During the meetings the Forum was attended by prominent parliamentarians, rectors of leading universities, heads of industry unions and associations, legal institutions and financial structures, famous scientists, politicians and public figures of the States of the Customs Union, EurAsEC and CIS.

The demand for such a large-scale international forum (it will be performed on a regular basis in different CIS countries and their regions) caused by a number of objective circumstances, which were reviewed in detail by the participants. In the frame of the reports and presentations it was noted that the main vector of development of economic integration of post-Soviet States in the conditions of modernization and new industrialization is the creation by 1 January 2015 the Eurasian economic Union.

The solution for this essential task is impossible without the involvement in the Eurasian processes of the broad masses of the public. Hence the idea of holding the international forum "Eurasian economic perspective" suggests the dialogue from a wide spectrum of authorities, politicians, scientists, the business community aimed at creation of effective mechanisms of interaction of States in the formed Eurasian economic Union. In his speech at the round table in Minsk the Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation S. E. Naryshkin, describing the international forum "Eurasian economic perspective" noted "...being such a good platform for open and independent discussions on topical issues of economic integration, it is now becoming regular, and under its auspices in various countries of the Commonwealth conferences, seminars, round tables and other discussions with experts from the countries of our Commonwealth can be held. Thus the international public platform of supporters of the Eurasian integration was formed".

The first steps in this direction, as  noted before, were the meetings of the Forum in Saint-Petersburg and Minsk. In St. Petersburg the opening of the Forum chaired by the Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation S. E. Naryshkin began with a Plenary discussion on the theme "Eurasia — space of effective economic cooperation" and was continued on four round tables:

"The common economic space: opportunities for the development of effective business without borders" (moderators: Rector of Saint-Petersburg state economic University I. A. Maksimtsev and Director of the Institute of Economics Academy of Sciences — corresponding member. RAS R. S. Grinberg);

 "The development of the international legal system of the Eurasian economic Union" (moderators: Director of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the Government of the Russian Federation, academician T. Y. khabrieva and Deputy Chairman of the Committee of State Duma for constitutional legislation and state construction Dmitry Vyatkin and F. the judge of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation G. A. Hajiyev);

 "Eurasian space in a multipolar world" (moderator: Director of the Institute of parliamentarism of the national democratic party "Nur Otan" (Kazakhstan) Baikadamov B. K.; rector, Moscow state Institute of international relations (University) of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MGIMO), A. I. Podberezkin, Deputy head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Y. Y. Shuvalov);

 "A common educational and scientific space — the Eurasian perspective" (moderators: rector of the Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, President of the Eurasian Association of universities, academician V. A. Sadovnichy and Rector of St. Petersburg state economic University I. A. Maksimtsev).

In the agenda of the “round table“ Forum in Minsk under the chairmanship of the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus V. P. Andreichenko also presented the most important issues concerning the Eurasian economic Union. Fundamental report to the participants of the meeting, which attracted more than 200 people made the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus M. V. Myasnikovich.

Our Eurasian international scientific-analytical journal "Problems of present economy" is becoming an information partner of the international forum "Eurasian economic perspective". The Forum materials will be published in a new "Eurasian economic perspective: problems and solutions". This issue includes the speeches of the participants of the first plenary session of the forum on the topic "Eurasia — the space of effective economic interaction." The next issue will present published articles and other materials of meetings of the forum.